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MAT Kerámia Kft. is one of Hungary’s largest stove tile manufacturers laying great stress on development of its products that is based on the changes of the building industry and furniture industry trends. We develop the form, size and colour of our stove tiles so that we can offer an appropriate tile stove or fireplace to houses of all style. We build our stoves in cooperation with the best stove-setters of the country so you can get your stove you dreamt of in the best guaranteed quality in any area of the country.

In addition to its stove tiles MAT Kerámia Kft provides the following services:

  1. Technical advice free of charge
  2. View design with the greatest reality
    (The view design costs HUF 10,000 and if you order your stove tiles with us we’ll refund this price from the value of the stove tiles.)
  3. Survey on location
    (The price of survey on location is HUF 5,000 that is payable at the time of the survey and in case of ordering the stove we’ll deduct this amount from the price of the stove.)
  1. Guarantee for 5 years on the stove tiles
  2. Guarantee for 3 years on building
  3. Extra service! In the case of stoves built by us, our technicians will look through and clean your stove free of charge in the 3 years following the building before the heating period sets in. At a price of HUF 50,000 we extend our service and our building guarantee for two more years.
  4. Guaranteed production time
Please contact us with confidence.
More information (prices, sizes, descriptions) about our stove tiles, stoves and fireplaces can be found on our homepage following registration.
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