Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us introduce you our company and products.

Our company is located in Magyarszombatfa in the West part of Hungary near the Slovenian border where manufacture of stove tiles and ceramics has centuries old traditions. The village is still characterized by pottery attracting a lot of tourists to this region.

Our main activity is the production of stove tiles which is based on several-year designer, development and production experiences. Our products are manufactured with two different technologies. Production of the high quality, double fired moulded stove tiles was started in 2005. In order to provide a steadily good quality of the products and an aesthetic appearance according to the current trends we work with white clay imported from Germany and glazes of reliable Spanish, Italian and Portuguese raw materials producing companies. We are at the disposal of our customers with a wide range of forms and colours. At present, we produce over 250 forms of stove tiles in a wide range from the classic to the modern one in nearly 90 colours which are continuously expanded according to the requirements. Our strength is that we try to make stove tile forms and colours always in accordance with the given trend.

To meet the requirements we started our new plant in the summer of 2007 where the stove tiles are manufactured from local clay by pressing in traditional forms and colours which, due to their favourable prices, became popular in the market soon.

The novelty of the year 2008 was the stove tiles and stoves decorated with Swarovski crystals much liked by the ladies. We try to favour the families with this set who would like to have something really unique in their homes. We are the first in the world who apply the crystals on stoves (according to Swarovski company).

In 2011, a further stove tile set was developed that changed entirely the style and form of tile stoves and fireplaces. The stove tiles are produced with a special decorating technique that enables us to decorate the tiles in a similar colour to the colours we produce. It also gives a special effect when we decorate with the same colours but on glossy surface with mat patterns. This way the pattern is not catching the eye from front-view but under the effect of light falling down on sideways it becomes totally visible.

During the production we give utmost care to quality. Our products were controlled by the Non-profit Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building (ÉMI) that issued the Certificate of Conformity. Unfortunately, not many companies can be proud of it in Hungary. ÉMI acknowledges a steadily good quality by using its Mark of Quality that has only MAT Kerámia Kft. among the stove tile manufacturers.

Our delivery dates are 4 to 6 weeks from the date of the order in the case of both moulded and pressed stove tiles.

In addition to production our company is also engaged in the design and building of stoves and fireplaces in the whole area of the country but, of course, you can also order only the stove tiles with us. Besides the above, we distribute stove doors, combustion chamber insets, chamotte products and other accessories for stove and fireplace building, as well.

If you still could not decide to have a tile stove or a fireplace or if you are not fully aware of the difference between them please read the useful information under the menu FAQ.

We tried to upload as many pictures of ready stoves and fireplaces as possible in order to make the decision easier for you. You can find more information about these on our homepage after registration. However, if you have your own idea or design about your stove to-be please send it to us and we’ll make a 3D view design of it and give you our quotation.

Please have a look at our form and colour range in our showroom of 400 sq.mts located at the premises where you can find a built stove of each type of tiles. The 32 built stoves were designed in order to show every style and 4 stoves (1 traditional stove, 1 stove with double shell, 1 fireplace and 1 convection stove) were built in a way that you can see their inside construction and operation.

I hope to have aroused your interest.

Zsolt Apagyi
Managing Director