You live in a block of flats and have a gas heater, but you like tile stoves and you would like to enjoy the heat and beauty they provide? Get a tiled cover for your heater. Covers for convection heaters and radiators that imitate tile stoves not only look nice, they are also cost-effective, as the cover still gives up heat when the heater is already off. Please note that with our covers, your heating costs will not decrease, as energy is generated by burning gas, it is giving up heat that will become more even, so the convection heater will switch on less frequently.

We will be happy to build you a heater cover like the ones in the gallery, or something unique that will suit your needs. If you can’t find the heater cover you would like, please send us a draft via email, and we will soon send you a quotation.

Konvektorburkolat 001

Konvektorburkolat 002

Konvektorburkolat 003

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