Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lovely and cosy fireplace in your living room? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the warmth of the flames on cold winter nights? Maybe you don’t want to start a fire every day, but sometimes it’d be nice to add to the heat provided by the system you normally use. In this case, a fireplace is the perfect choice! You will find traditional, modern and portable fireplaces in our range.

Let us present some of the traditional fireplaces we built, as a inspiration. There are no two homes alike, and there are no two orders alike, so if you would like something else, something you can’t see here, please share your ideas with us. Every fireplace we build is unique, and we will be happy to build one using your ideas. Send us your draft via email, and we will soon send you a quotation.

If you are not sure you know the difference between a tile stove and a fireplace, don’t hesitate to contact us: we will deliver you a heating solution that suits you the best.

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